Having a beautiful smile will help bring about a confidence boost and make you feel great. The majority of people are not gifted with perfectly straight teeth or a natural white smile, but Premier Dental Care can help you get that smile you've always wanted with our advanced cosmetic procedures, using the latest technology and best dental materials.

"Get the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of!"

Premier Dental Care Team


Invisalign® are invisible braces which is an innovative and  discreet way to correct misaligned teeth. They consist of a series of clear plastic aligners that are changed every two weeks so that your teeth are gently realigned into a new position. Each new aligner moves your teeth a small amount so that gradually they achieve the same result as metal braces.

A virtual 3D treatment plan (ClinCheck© treatment plan) shows the series of movements your teeth will go through over the course of the treatment. This allows you to see what your teeth are expected to look like at the end of the treatment. From the results of the ClinCheck treatment plan, your custom-made, clear aligners are produced especially for you.

Since the plastic aligners are clear they are nearly invisible, so no one other than the patient need know that they are there at all, and they can be removed at will for eating and brushing. Invisible braces are perfect for mild cases.


Our teeth often become darker as we go through life. Premier Dental Care can help restore the luster and shine of your teeth the with its teeth whitening services. This procedure is ideal for people who have healthy teeth and gums. Several teeth whitening systems are available for patients on the market. At Premier Dental Care we recommend a gradual home whitening system that has shown to have the longest lasting effect and also makes future top ups easy and cost effective.

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Fluoride Treatment

We routinely apply fluoride varnish for children at their examination. This has shown to have preventative qualities and help strengthening the teeth for our younger friends. We also provide prescriptions for special high fluoride tooth paste for children and adults with increased risk for caries.

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Bonding, or composite resin fillings, is the solution for restoring decayed teeth, making cosmetic improvements, reshaping, and even changing the color of your teeth. Premier Dental Care can sculpt, color and shape your bonding after applying a thin coating of a plastic material and bonding material on the front surface of your teeth.

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Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that is made to fit over the front surface of a tooth. They are used to improve the colour, shape and / or position of a tooth or several teeth.

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Crowns, also known as caps, are designed to cover a large area of damaged teeth. Premier Dental Care's patients receive durable porcelain crowns made from semi-precious or precious metals, as well as porcelain.

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Bridges hold custom-made teeth and have anchors, which attach to neighbouring teeth. Where there are only a few teeth missing and the other teeth are strong and have good bone support it may be possible to restore the gap with natural looking porcelain teeth.

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