Trusted for over 20 years, Premier Dental Care has been operating in Addlestone, Surrey providing a variety of services to our patients. With a professional and friendly team, PDC commits to providing an outstanding service and experience for its patients. With us, you can expect a warm welcome and trust a high standard of dental care to meet your dental needs.


I’ve been self-conscious about my teeth since I was a child. I finally decided it was time to look into cosmetic dentistry options as I felt my teeth were affecting my confidence and career. Invisalign and whitening treatments from Premier Dental Care gave me confidence for the first time very happy! Susanne O’Connor – Professional, Addlestone, Surrey
 After having bad tooth pain, my previous dentist wanted to perform a root canal on my tooth, which was not good news to hear. I went to Premier Dental Care for a second opinion and it turns out it was my filling! They put in a new filling and I’ve been pain-free ever since. Michael Jennings – Father of 3, West Byfleet